Be F@%*! Positive (In Your Profile)


Early on in my online dating experience, I decided to check out my competition. Okay, that may sound creepy, but mostly I was bored and curious. So I took a few moments, logged out of my profile and went back to the site, selecting I am a man seeking a woman. Instantly, a list of smiling female faces popped up on my screen.

Over the course of five to ten minutes, I clicked on a few profiles and scrolled through. Most of them were basic, I’m a fun, out-going girl who loves to have a good time. Those profiles were pretty much what I expected, then they took a darker turn. I clicked on, looking4man13 and was shocked by what I read,

I’ve been on this site before and got sick and tired of all the a**holes on here. If you say you want to date, but really just want to f**k, then get off here and go to Craigslist. But it turns out there are just as many d**ks in real life too, so I thought I’d give this site another chance. But if you’re a d**k or an a**hole, then skip my profile and stay away.

Wow. That was all I could think after reading her “about me” section. I was tempted to write her asking if ANYONE had responded to her profile, but thought better of it. Truthfully, she scared me.

Overall, her profile was the worst, but I was surprised to find many other profiles that included lines like, looking for a prince, not a prick, why can’t people just be real, if you’re tired of all the bimbos, give me a try… it went on and on and on.

In most cases, I knew what the girl was trying to say, but she was saying it in the worst possible way. For example, if you’re sick of men who go after silly, vapid women, don’t put them down, instead build yourself up. You can still say that you’re fun-loving, but enjoy lively banter about interesting topics. Likewise, instead of bashing all the jerks you’ve come across, point out what kind of guy you ARE looking for. Putting a positive twist on your profile will make you more approachable and frankly, a lot less frightening.

Of course, the best advice I can give looking4man13 is, seek anger management therapy or sign up for kickboxing. Just tell me when you’re going because I don’t want to be your sparing partner.

P.S. Try and keep it clean, people. I don’t want to have to look for a rating every time I read a profile.


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