Worst Online Dating Profile May be the Best?

Disclaimer: this is NOT to rag on men… entirely. But the title of this article caught my attention: WOMAN CREATES WORST ONLINE DATING PROFILE AND STILL ATTRACTS MEN.

A female comedian decided to create a horrible online dating profile of a woman who is mean to the homeless, will trick men into thinking she’s pregnant, and is admittedly all about the money. The catch? She posted a photo of her hot, model friend. The result? Watch this quick video to find out–

Was I surprised by the outcome? Not really. Disheartened? Not really.

Recently I was going over my friend’s online dating profile when she lamented, “Why bother? Men only care about the photo anyway.” She had a point. Some men only care about the photo. Certainly in the case of the fake profile, that’s all the men valued. At least those men. But my reaction to that video was, “Well, I wouldn’t want to date those guys anyway.” Aaroncarterfan could have ’em!

Women, SOME men on online dating sites (as in life) are shallow. Some men will not write you unless you’re a model, no matter how witty, intelligent or caring your profile is. But notice I say, some. On the positive side, there will be other men who aren’t so attracted to homeless people tormentors or lying, manipulative, gold-diggers no matter how hot they are. Besides, you don’t want to be solely valued by your looks anyway, do you?

What was YOUR reaction after watching the ABCNews Video?


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