Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I’d Even Sign Up for Online Dating to Find You


I’m sure it’s no secret that online dating memberships increase around Valentine’s Day. In fact, the number rises 25%- 30% between Dec 25th and Feb 14th.  American singles are now finding love online more often than through friends (25%), at work (8%), or in bars and clubs (6%).

And it’s no surprise that around Valentine’s Day, when love is forced down your throat, singles are more likely to turn to their computers and smart phones for solace. But is it really a good time to fill out your profile, maybe even pay that new membership fee?

I say…. sure! Why not?

Some say steer clear until the sites have settled down. The holidays attract a lot of wary members who may or not keep their membership for more than a month, tops. But I say, all the more reason to hop on the train now, right?

While, personally, I never hesitated to try online dating, I’ve known plenty of friends who have, and not because they have a fear of commitment. Whether or not online dating is increasing in popularity, there is still a stigma. Some people, especially men, just aren’t sure about it. So even though your cute dreamboat may have signed up for one dark, lonely Valentine’s Night, while wielding his tenth bottle of Corona, does NOT mean he wouldn’t be serious about you. Maybe he just needed a cheesy 1-800-Flowers commercial (or two or three or a hundred) of a sickeningly happy couple to push him (over the edge) to click “find your match now.”


And, sure, there will be a lot of wishy washy newbies on the online social scene, but there will also be an increased selection, so if you’re already online and starting to feel burnt out, welcome the newcomers, and thank the over-blown, commercialized holiday that inevitably causes people to revaluate their love lives. Just, as always, use your judgment when sizing up potential dates.

So, friends, when the sun rises on Valentine’s Day tomorrow morning, don’t be down– embrace new possibilities… and check your inbox, you may have a pleasant surprise!

Here are some actual online dating secrets, as revealed by the author of A Million First Dates.


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