Enough is Enough


Disclaimer: this is a rant and if you are male, I apologize… or as my roommate attaches to everything she writes on social media: #sorrynotsorry.

Sometimes I prescribe taking the high road. Sometimes I admire soft-spoken words, passive resistance, and turning the other cheek.

Sometimes… I say stand your freakin’ ground.

This morning I woke up tired of the abuse. Okay, not mine specifically, but the abuse of my friends. Men constantly manipulate them to get what they want. And do you know the worst part? They let them. I confess, I’ve been there too. And I know it’s not that simple. Relationships, life, men, are complicated. It’s never black and white.

Except, sometimes it is.

For example, men (some, not all) can be boorish jerks online (okay, and in “real life” too). For some reason, they feel like they can say whatever they want– whether it’s rude, inappropriate, demeaning, arrogant, demanding, whatever. Some of it can be attributed to bad upbringing or stupidity, but some of it is… brace yourselves… our fault (as women, collectively).

Don’t freak out…. let me explain. Some woman, somewhere, has responded positively to one of the inane and appalling emails sent by one of the men responsible for proliferating the online dating scene with garbage. And by responding, she condoned the behavior (and affectively gave him what he wanted).

Kind of mean, but still funny. ;)

Kind of mean, but still funny. 😉

Now, I’m not saying you have to explode rage on every guy who sends you an aggravating email, but please DO not respond positively. I don’t care how cute he is (seriously, I don’t care). Stand up for yourself AND the rest of us. (Like LifeontheVirg in her latest post)  At some point, men need to learn that their behavior isn’t acceptable. The same is true online, as it is offline.

Ladies, we are awesome. And it’s time we only allow good men to experience our awesomeness. Enough with the jerks.

That is all. (And I hope I haven’t scared you all away)


2 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

  1. Reblogged this on letstalktinder and commented:
    I could not have said it better! I am fed up with the things I see myself and the amazing women in my life go through hell. Let’s change the game ladies. If we all refused to be treated like crap and manipulated then men would have no choice but to change!

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