What’s the Deal with Body Type?


So today, I don’t as much have advice as I have a question:

What’s the deal with checking a multiple choice box for your body type?

This is the conversation I had with my friend S the other night:

S: Ah!!! I’m so confused! (Tosses her laptop on the couch and places her head in her hands.)

Me: What’s the problem? (I pick up her laptop and sit next to her on the couch.)

S: I’m supposed to pick my body type, but I can’t figure out which one I should choose.

Me: It can’t be that difficult. What’s your first instinct? (I scroll through the list of multiple choice options.)

S: Well, at first I was thinking athletic because I work out five days a week.

Me: Okay, so let’s put– (She cuts me off.)

S: But then I was thinking, I have hips and a butt so maybe I’m curvy.

Me: So then let’s– (Cuts me off again.)

S: But no matter how much I work out, I have this handful of fat on my stomach, so should I put that I have a few extra pounds?

Me: Well, I think that– (You guessed it, she cut me off.)

S: Of course, I’m thinner than most girls our age, so should I put slender? I mean, it’s all relative, isn’t it?

Me: You just need to– (This time I can tell she’s going to cut me off, so I shut up on my own.)

S: But then they tell you how men read into certain things, like, athletic means boyish with no boobs, curvy means fat, a few extra pounds means obese, and slender means no muscle definition. Ah!! (She throws herself back against the couch cushion and closes her eyes, whimpering.)

Me: I think we’re getting a little carried away. Here, let’s try this. (I close my eyes and randomly click.)

S: What’d you just do? (She peaks open her eyes, sees that I’ve made a choice, and she lunges for the laptop in a panic.)

Me: We’ve randomly selected that you’re slim/slender, which I think is just fine.

S: But–

Me: No buts. (This time I’ve cut HER off.) You’ve posted seven photos, three in shorts, and one in a skin-tight dress. If these idiots can’t tell what body type you have by looking at you, then you don’t want ’em. Okay?

S: Okay. (She sighs, and appears slightly relieved.)

(I put her laptop away before she can stress over the lengthy questionnaire. Baby steps, people, baby steps.)

So what’s the deal with selecting a body type anyway? We post photos. Do people really overlook someone because they picked “slender” over “athletic?” Seriously, I’d really like to know.



3 thoughts on “What’s the Deal with Body Type?

  1. I hear your friend…Luckily for me there’s an ‘average’ selection in the body type…Kind of like in the middle or medium. Not too small not too big. That works for me…Plus full body shots help. I will admit that I have dated guys that have selected ‘athletic’ and when we’ve met I think “No, you’re not…You’re slender/slim, there’s not a lot of muscle tone there”. But really at the end of it all it’s about the attraction to that person – not what body type they selected.

    • “Average”– that is a perfect middle ground. Although I’m sure my friend would have complained that “average” is subjective… unless you’re going by national average (4 years ago it was a size 14). I guess in the end, you have to go with the pics… and cross your fingers they’re current and not photoshopped! lol

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