What’s Worse Than Monday?

….making a list…


Okay, that used to be my reaction to writing “to dos” down on paper, but I’ve been thinking a lot about goals lately, and how important it is to have them in life… and in love.

Now, I’m not exactly a check-list-o-holic. I’ve only recently starting writing things down because at the ripe ol’ age of 28, I can’t remember anything. But I’ve found that when I do, I become more productive. So it got me thinking… can we apply this to our online dating lives as well?

Here me out: I’m saying you have to write down EVERYTHING, but try writing down something. And no, I don’t mean write “find someone online.”

Try a check list like, “Chat with one new person this week,” or “go on at least one date this month.” When you’re able to check it off, you’ll feel like you’re making progress, will get less discouraged, and hey, maybe even push yourself to find that someone special.

Even more important is making “the list.” That’s right: the infamous checklist of what you want (and DON’T want) in a partner.

But don’t just think about it… WRITE IT DOWN.

It may seem like a silly extra step, but I promise, seeing it on paper gives you a whole new perspective…. and resolve.

So take two minutes, grab a pen, and put something on paper (or type it in your smart phone). It doesn’t take much effort, but it may save you time (and heartache) later on.

So with that, Happy Monday everyone! Here’s to a productive (and happy) week ahead!


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