This Profile is Too Small. This Profile is Too Big. This Profile is Juuuust Right.

Stereotypically, women tend to over-share. This charming quality is often only magnified  in the online dating world. A whole profile to talk about me?! Yippie! We write about our jobs, our hobbies, exes, even the dream we had last night.

Then there’s the anomaly– my friend J, whose profile was so sparse you might not have even realized she had one. Well, she might as well have not had one. She came to me the other day wondering why her profile has been up for over a month, but she’s only received a few messages. So I took a look, and here’s the “life lesson” I gave:


Sure, if you look like Kate Upton, you can probably get away with posting pics only. Heck, you could probably get away with posting that you like to bathe in the blood of newborn puppies. But if you’re the rest of us, less isn’t always more. Then again, more isn’t always more either.

Don't try and copy this pose and make it your profile pic... just don't.

Don’t try to copy this pose and make it your profile pic… just don’t.

So here’s the trick: fill out your profile enough so it looks like you give a damn, but don’t go so overboard that you creep everyone out. We DO want to know if you prefer quiet evenings at home over sky diving, but we DON’T want to know the name of your gynecologist.

Bonus tip: don’t assume your profile is set in stone. If you do fill it out, but your inbox is dwindling after a month or two, don’t be afraid to revamp! Freshen things up and you might be pleasantly surprised. And by “freshen things up,” I don’t mean trade out your photo with a snapshot of Kate Upton. Spice things up, just keep it real.