Make ’em Laugh

Men hear it all the time: women love a sense of humor. And although some may think it’s crap (and really, all we want is George Clooney), those who are less pessimistic will find it to be true.

We want someone who can make us laugh. We want fun, easy going, light-hearted.

Now, don’t panic, that doesn’t mean we expect every guy to be Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Will Ferrell, Stephen Colbert, or Jerry Seinfeld (Yeah, I know I’m leaving out a TON). It doesn’t mean that your online dating profile has to read like an episode of Saturday Night Live, or contain more jokes than a Comedy Central lineup.

But it DOES mean your profile should include some sign of humor somewhere.

Don’t go to your Google bar and start typing in “comedy routines,” “jokes,” or “how to be funny without being creepy.” There are MANY different forms of humor.

For example, maybe you’re:

  • sarcastic, and can throw out quick barbs like nobody’s business (granted, sarcasm doesn’t usually translate well via type on a computer screen, but if it’s your gift, I bet you can make it work).
  • witty, and can string words together to make people laugh and think (more power to you).
  • goofy, and your odd-ball style of humor will have people holding their sides in fits of laughter (sometimes at you, sometime with you, but, hey, a laugh is a laugh).
  • dark, and your humor may scare some people, but will ultimately draw your kind-spirit (and you can laugh, together, at the pain of the world, possibly while wearing lots of black eyeliner).
  • off-beat, and no one gets that weird poop joke, except your soul-mate, who will love you all the more for your weirdness (just maybe don’t say “poop” in your profile).
  • a comedic genius, ala the greats, in which case, don’t hold back, let your greatness be known (the women will flock).

I’m sure there are other types of humor I missed, and I’m not saying go all out, especially if your brand of humor is less accepted in most social circles (i.e. poop and/or fart jokes). What I AM saying is this:

If you infuse your profile with even a hint of humor, you will be miles ahead of the others. We see hundred of bland, boring profiles a day, so make yours stand out in some way. We may not message you, but we’ll never forget you (and we’ll most likely message you).