Post Apocolypse… I mean Valentine’s Day… Musings

Since a few days have passed after the dreaded Valentine’s, I’m going to assume we all survived. I, fortunately, more than survived- I flourished- thanks to a thoughtful man who took me (and my pup) away to Monterey for the weekend (sorry, I’m a slacker when I’m on vacation).

Soaking up all the coastal, Californian sun!

Soaking up all the coastal, Californian sun!

The drive was just shy of three hours and for a change of pace I decided to play one of my audio books– Not A Match by Brian Donovan. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure how my guy would react- it’s a book about horrible online dates and we met online. Would he think I was trying to imply something?

Luckily, he thought it was hilarious and we laughed the entire drive to the coast, which got me thinking… We’ve all been there, online and off. We’ve all been on one (or two or three)¬†horrible, nightmare-ish first (or second or third) date(s). Dating debacles are like a right of passage on the journey to finding “the one.”

Recently a friend of mine has had a bout of bad luck with men. And right around Valentine’s Day, all her bad luck has looked like a sign from the dating gods that¬†she is meant to die alone. So as we sat in the living room with a glass of wine in hand, I gave her a piece of (easier said than done) advice: try and keep everything in perspective. Meaning, the hard times in life make the good times that much more meaningful.

Think about it: if we were just handed love, without any trials or bumpy roads, if we were just given it the first moment we even thought about wanting it, would we even appreciate it? Or do all of the heart breaks and bad dates make us see love for what it really is: a beautiful, precious gift that we shouldn’t take for granted? I hope it’s the latter. And I hope as we all travel on this crazy, complicated, sometimes crushing journey, we keep everything in perspective… and blog about it all along the way.. Because one thing that makes our travels less troublesome is knowing that we’re not going it alone.

So happy post-Valentine’s Day everyone!