Six Months Until I’m a Spinster! (According to Time)

While reading a fantastic post by Diary of a Serial Dater, I was rerouted to a Time’s article which claims it can calculate my perfect marriage date based on the average age my Facebook friends got hitched. Trepidatiously, I allowed them access to my Facebook info, crossing my fingers I wasn’t already a spinster waiting on the grave (which, quite frankly, was already my assumption). My results:

The median age of your 16 married friends is 29.1 years old

That leaves you 6 months and 20 days. But remember, half of your friends were married after that age!



Okay, seriously though, I’d be lying if I said the numbers weren’t a little scary. Because, let’s face it, my friends got married on the older side– thanks guys! And even though I’m in a long term relationship, and we’ve talked about marriage, the sound of six months still makes my head explode.

Now, I know it’s just a silly little Time’s article (what do you know, Times?!), but isn’t the ticking time bomb mentality common– especially for women?

I’ve seen some online dating profile that are, for lack of a better work (and because it’s an accurate word), desperate. They practically scream, MARRY ME RIGHT NOW, MY OVARIES ARE DYING!  Not exactly the mating call most men are looking for. But online dating gets a bad rap for being a last ditch effort– the final attempt to get married before all of your friends are celebrating their silver anniversary.

But here’s the truth: if you’re using online dating as a desperate attempt to not die alone, it’s probably not going to work out that well for you. Most men want women who are comfortable with themselves and content and happy with their life. So how do you accomplish calm, cool and collected while the Times is telling you you’re getting left behind in the dust? By remembering that you don’t need to be average. You need to be you. And trust that the right guy will come along at the right time, which isn’t necessarily the same time that Time says it is… get it?

If you feel like it’s the right time in your life for a relationship, put yourself out there– online AND in the “real world.” Join multiple sites, pick up a new hobby, make yourself more approachable and most importantly… take a deep breath and smile. And tell Time (double entendre implied) to shove it.