Online Dating: Work or Play?

Hi all, my apologies for being MIA the last week or so. Life got in the way, which got me thinking…

How often do we take a back seat approach to online dating? How often do we think we don’t have to put in the time, but the dates will come rolling in anyway? My guess is fairly often. In fact, many people rarely put in the time needed to fill out their profile properly, then sit back and wait, hoping their inbox quickly fills to the brim with suitors.

Does your online dating strategy look like this?

Does your online dating strategy look like this?


The truth is, this approach simply isn’t realistic (unless you’re on a Bradley Cooper/Kate Upton level of hotness). For the rest of us, online dating takes a certain amount of effort.

If you put together a sloppy profile with half-thought out answers or, worse, left them all blank, expect your inbox to be blank as well. If your photos are outdated, fuzzy, or just plain unattractive (think weird, unflattering selfies), then don’t expect your date calendar to fill up.

In order to be successful, you need to be proactive– ditch the wait and see attitude. That means, take the time to set up an appealing profile, update it every few months to keep it fresh, set aside a few hours to wade through emails and profiles in order to decide the correct response (delete the ones who don’t make the cut), and maybe even reach out to a few people first.

Yes, in many ways online dating is easier, quicker and more convenient than traditional dating, but that doesn’t mean it takes zero time and effort. That is, unless you don’t care about results.

So maybe before dialing in to online dating, check with a few friends, read a few blogs, maybe even a few books, to see what you’re getting yourself into. If it’s what you’re looking for, dive in! Online, even a small amount of effort (relatively speaking) can have a huge payoff.

So go ahead, give it a try.

P.S. Happy “Everyone is a Liar” Day 😉