My Work

There are countless self-help, how-to, tell-all online dating advice books on the shelves of Barnes and Nobles or stored on your Kindle. Some are fabulous and some are… just taking up space. Many of them will give you the same straightforward advice that can be found in the free tutorials of many dating sites, and in this blog. For example:

Do post photos of your entire body– no one is a floating head.

Don’t use your profile as a personal blog or an online forum to rant about traffic, the government or your asshole ex-boyfriend.

Do fill out every portion of your profile– no one  likes to read “I’ll tell you later. ;)”

Don’t write you’re looking for a relationship if you only want a one night stand.

Those are just a few of the tips you’ll find in most online dating guides, but you WONT find in mine.

Instead, my book will reveal everything they DON’T tell you about online dating.

When and where can you find this book? I’ll tell you later. 😉


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